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                            Book Publication

1) North western Himalayan Region is more vulnerable to earthquake. Awareness of the disasters is the only effective way in which one can bring about mass participation. Hence, any disaster management is successful only when the general public has some awareness about the disaster. Therefore  Association  Published a book on “Earthquake Prepardness and mitigation”  published from LAP Germany  2012, ISBN 978-3-659-14806-4.   
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2)Sharma P, Nath S and Gautam N. (2012). Wild Medicinal Phytodiversity of Northwest Himalaya- India. P. Sharma (Editor). LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing Gmbh & Co. KG Germany. ISBN 978-3-659-13990-1.
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Himachal High Court has directed the state to ban sale on junk food (included chips, wafers, biscuits, namkeen, candy, chewing gum, ice cream, chocolates, noodles, sugary cereals, cornflakes, pizzas, burgers, patties, French fries, carbonated drinks, fruit beverages, cakes etc) in non-degradable packs !
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